Transform your home with new UPVC doors

If you’re looking for the ultimate in safety and security fitting a UPVC door may be the solution. This resilient and durable material will not only save you money on your heating bills but they will also increase the value of your home.

Stop Unwanted Heat Loss

When you decide to upgrade your home then one of the first areas to start is to look at the efficiency of your glazing and draught proofing. Fitting UPVC doors and windows will benefit you in many ways, mainly because of the heat saving properties of double glazing, but also the additional value they will add to your property. You will also stop any of your heat being lost through single layer glass and gaps around doors and windows.

What are UPVC Doors?

The acronym UPVC or (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) is a strong material that is wrapped around galvanised steel when used for making doors or windows, resulting in a very robust and long lasting end product. When you are choosing your UPVC doors you will find that there is a wide range on offer and if you don’t have standard size door frames you can always have them made to measure. Owing to the type of material used in the manufacture of UPVC doors there is no need for painting or varnishing during its lifetime which can be up to thirty years.

Style and Quality

Glazing Solutions can supply you with a wide range of styles and finishes, which include the solid white UPVC doors with no glass panels; you could also invest in an ornately coloured, multi-panelled door with leaded highlights. These doors can be fitted so that they open inwards or outwards or you may want a sliding format, which are usually used on the rear of a property leading onto a garden area or patio.

Insulation and Noise Reduction

Once you have chosen your style of UPVC doors and windows and the measurements have been taken by one of our professional fitters, then it’s time to start the fitting process. These double or triple glazed doors are beneficial in a variety of ways, including a high level of insulation against outside noise and also in the reduction of heat loss.

The energy saving aspect of this will be felt straight away and your heating bills should be reduced. The UPVC doors are also environmentally friendly because they don’t need repainting and need minimum maintenance, but also because they reduce the amount of electricity or gas you use to heat your home.

Making You Secure

Another benefit of having double glazed UPVC doors and windows is the security aspect. They come fitted with a galvanised steel core locking system that also makes them crowbar proof giving you the feeling of complete safety when at home or away on your holidays. The doors that we supply are all guaranteed and it is impossible to gain entry by removing the glass panels, this was a big problem with earlier forms of double-glazing.

Contact us today and take a look at our range of UPVC doors, tailored for your requirements.