The Benefits of Wall Mirrors

We use mirrors to enhance light and also to create an illusion of space. Mirrors can be used as a statement piece as part of your interior decor, or they can simply be used to check your appearance before you leave the home. These wonderful accessories are truly multi-functional.

The Wonderful World of Mirrors

There are few homes that don’t have a mirror. There is, though, a world of difference between a standard shaving mirror and a looking glass that enhances and magnifies your living space. If you’re looking for the ultimate in splendour, then Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors is a good place to invigorate your imagination. Most people don’t have the budget of Louis XIV but if you’re looking for a wide selection of large mirrors or fitted mirrors; here at Glazing Solutions we will be able to offer you a range of mirrors and mirror installation solutions in order to help you achieve your dream.

Mirrors Can Light Up Your Life

No matter what the dimensions of your room are, a cleverly placed mirror can always make the room appear larger. Our qualified contractors are skilled in all aspects of mirror installation, and they will be able to help you maximise the light in your room with a mirror in order to make the room appear larger. You can choose from a wide selection of styles, from the ornate and gilded to plain and contemporary.

If you own a dance studio, a gym or a bar, the addition of a mirror can also enhance your facilities. Fitted mirrors look good in bathrooms, bedrooms, and in fact, anywhere where you choose to install them. Some people even use mirrors to conceal wall imperfections, which is a great idea for the short term – but if you’re selling your house, remember to repair the wall before the advent of a surveyor. You’ll want to install your mirror in your new home.

Mirrors: An Important Design Feature

Regardless of the style of your home or commercial premises you can always contact our specialist team and see if you need large mirrors or something smaller for your space. We have the expertise to help you come to a decision.

We know how to install a mirror so that it will make the best use of your natural or artificial light, and therefore use that light to magnify your room. Alternatively, should you own a gym or dance studio, we understand the importance of a good mirror for barre practice for clients’ plies, or so that amateur body builders can admire their muscle tone.

A good mirror can transform an ordinary room and create an extraordinary space. Why not let us offer you our expertise in fitted mirrors and get in touch with us. A mirror isn’t just for shaving or make up. A well-installed mirror can enhance your home.